International News On-Line



I wish you a warm welcome to this new service provided by the Chaîne for its members.


President Yam Atallah and the members of the International Board agreed that the Confrérie should modernise the way it communicates Bailliage event reports, news and other information to the membership. The exciting development that is the “Chaîne News On-line” web site is a key element going forward.


In order that the “Chaîne News On-line” is not just event-related, it will have features especially on Professional members, esoteric foods, wines and special menus. The subject matter related to our Confrérie and gastronomy in general is endless!


With the passing of time a library of articles, both news stories and special features, will develop, enabling you to refer back to them should you wish. A ‘search’ function is integral to the design.


The success of the innovative “Chaîne On-line News” relies entirely on Bailliages regularly submitting their event reports and photos in a timely manner. But it is not only Bailliages that are invited to contribute, members with a gastronomy or hospitality industry related article which they wish to submit for potential publication are welcome to do so.

Marie Jones
Managing Editor


NB. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at